Penelope Puppy – August 2016

Penelope 29Oct13 15 Rumor 27May10 35

Penelope is a Genevieve/Chase daughter.  She loves to please and is a great Momma.  Everybody loves Penny!

Rumor is a big Boxer, around 90 pounds!  He is a big huggy-bug, who loves to please.

When people meet him, they fall in love!  Rumor’s Daddy (Thurman) weighed 110 pounds, so big puppies are always a likelihood with him.


BB – Brindle Female

28Sep – 8 lb   BW – 20.75 oz


Videos of Annabelle and BB from 15 September 2016  (Click link).

lollipop-penelope-puppies-15sep16-01     lollipop-penelope-puppies-15sep16-02

lollipop-penelope-annabelle-bb-31aug0011 Photo session of Annabelle (Flashy Dark Brindle) and BB (Brindle) on 31 August 2016.

Annabelle is two weeks older than BB.
BB was just beginning to open her eyes in these pictures.


lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-07 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-06 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-05 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-04 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-03 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-02 lollipop-annabelle-tootsie-pop-31aug16-01 penelope-bb-31aug16-23 penelope-bb-31aug16-22 penelope-bb-31aug16-21 penelope-bb-31aug16-20 penelope-bb-31aug16-19 penelope-bb-31aug16-18 penelope-bb-31aug16-17 penelope-bb-31aug16-16 penelope-bb-31aug16-15 lollipop-penelope-annabelle-bb-31aug0014 lollipop-penelope-annabelle-bb-31aug0013 lollipop-penelope-annabelle-bb-31aug0012

Videos of Annabelle and BB from 28 September 2016  (Click link).

lollipop-penelope-annabelle-bb-28sep16-01     penelope-bb-28sep16-02     lollipop-annabelle-28sep16-03    penelope-bb-28sep16-04