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Laymani puppies are sent to the best homes we can find and their new families are enormously proud of their puppies.  This page provides a place to refer back to photos of puppies who have already gone home to their Families.

DSC_0025c DSC_0120c DSC_0014c  Amelia Pups 10Jul09 144

Diana Vinnie 6Oct09 27 Our Laymani Families continue to stay in touch, sending lots of photos and emails, and some of them have had Laymani Boxers for over nine years.  Many have dealt with integrating a puppy into households with children, cats, and adult dogs.  We have long felt that their experience should be brought to bear for the benefit of our new Families.

To encourage that interaction, we created a Laymani Boxers page on Facebook for the latest news.

We also have a private Laymani group, where Families can share questions and solutions, display photos or just brag about their puppies.

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 Penelope and Rumor’s August 2016 Puppy


Lollipop and Chase’s August 2016 PuppyAnnabelle  “Tootsie Pop”
Luna and Rumor’s May 2016 PuppiesLaymani Serrano, Annie “Cascabels”, Bella “Chipotle”, Blanche “Chilaca”, Chile, Claire “Mirasol”, Hank “Jalapeno”, Meadow “Cayenne”, Gilda “Pasilla”, Zeke “Habanero
Penelope and Dax’s January 2016 Puppies
Laymani GiGi “Ice”, Lily “Snow”, Max “Winter”, Rocky J “Frost”
Lollipop and Chase’s November 2015 Puppies
Ana, Gabriella, Kona
Luna and Dax’s September 2015 Puppies
Chap, Duke, Harlee, Lily, Sabu, Trooper
Penelope and Rumor’s May 2015 Puppies
Bane, Jett, Mira
Jessie and Rumor’s January 2015 Puppies

Ariel, Mugsy “Belle”, Bobby “Prince Charming”, Ruby “Cinderella”, Elsa, Jazzy “Jasmine”, Dolce “Sleeping Beauty”, Luka “Tiana”

Penelope and Rumor’s September 14 Puppies

Athena “Roller Coaster”,  Duke “Ferris Wheel”, Sofey “Zipper”, Gerti “Spinner”, Weezy “Carousel”

Java and Chase’s June 14 Puppies

Murphy “Cappuccino”, Cira Pace “Crema”, Linus “Espresso”, Gus “Frappuccino”, Lucy “Latte”, Scarlett “Mocha”

Lollipop and Chase’s June 14 Puppies

Piper “Biscotti”, Daisy “Cannoli”, Mia “Pizzelle”, Daphne “Tiramisu”, Bandit “Tortoni”, Max “Zeppole”

Genevieve and Chase’s January 14 Puppies

Apollo, Judi, Moose,  Roxy, Scout, Stella

Lollipop and Chase’s September 13 Puppies

Benedetta, Butler, Greycie

Jessie and Rumor’s June 2013 Puppy

Aney Giovana  

Daisy and Rumor’s February 13 Puppies

Bashful, Bentley, Chloe, Grumpy, King George, Queen, Roman, Sneezie, Tugz

Genevieve and Chase’s January 13 Puppies

Cassius, Frankie, Penelope, Reuben, Tucker, Zeller

Notte and Rumor’s December 12 Puppies

Bolt, Dove, Rose

Lollipop and Chase’s December 12 Puppies

Flocki , Holly, Jemma, Jingle, Prancer, Santa, Storm

Jessie and Rumor’s October 12 Puppies

Ali, Candy, Casper, Mugzy, Spooky, Ziva

Jules and Duke’s September 12 Puppies

Bruno, Doogan, Jax, Moon, Roxie, Scout  

Daisy and Rumor’s May 12 Puppies

Basil, Billy, Chloe, Cilantro, Clove, Elsa, Georgi, Nutmeg, Pepper, Sage, Salty  

Genevieve and Rumor’s May 12 Puppies

Bonnie, Bugsy, Capone, Charli, Clyde, Maxwell, Mugsy, Sadie  

Notte and Rumor’s April 12 Puppies

Annie Oakley (Bella), Calamity Jane (Margot), Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett (Koa), Doc Holliday (Niko), Miss Kitty, Wild Bill Hickok (Beau)  

Sophie and Thurman’s February 12 Puppies

Candy, Coco  

Kali and Duke’s February 12 Puppies

Loki, Tyson, Venus (CocoV)  

Notte and Rumor’s October 11 Puppies

Bianca, Cooper, Hank, Roxie, Kate, Macbeth, Rex  

Sophie and Duke’s May 11 Puppies

Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Tick Tock Croc, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling  

Notte and Rumor’s February 11 Puppies

Boss, Chopper, Garnet, Griswold, Lottie, Opal, Ruby  

Genevieve and Rumor’s February 11 Puppies

Catawba, Cider, Georgeanne, Mollie, Moscato, Jax, Reilly, Remi, Rose  

Diana and Duke’s February 11 Puppies

Caicos, Lollipop, McKenzie, Onyx, Raini  

Daisy and Duke’s February 11 Puppies

Daisy, Elvis, Jack Daniels, Jessie, Sadie  

Kali and Rumor’s January 11 Puppies

Angelina, Kekoa, Sorella  

Sophie and Rumor’s August 10 Puppy


Amelia and Duke’s August 10 Puppies

Adrianne, Cissy, Cooper, Gracie Raine, Lucille, Jessie, Ronzoni  

Notte and Thurman’s August 10 Puppies

Beau, Bucky, Danika, Gracie, Kona, Nash, Porthos  

Kali and Duke’s May 10 Puppies

Betsey, Connie, Dante, Jade, Liberty, Zena  

Diana and Duke’s February 10 Puppies

Louie, Maggie, Rufus, Zeke, Zoe  

Sophie and Duke’s January 10 Puppies

BJ, Charlie, Gretel, Mia, Rocky, Zoey  

Isabel and Duke’s December 09 Puppies

Evie, Macie, Max, Melia, Milo, Rorie  

Kali and Duke’s September 09 Puppies

Brandy, Cognac, Morgan, Scotch, Tucker, Zeus  

Zena and Thurman’s September 09 Puppies

Achilles, Brutus, Chance, Davey, Dempsey, Tuffy    

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Diana and Duke’s July 09 Puppies

CassiusCrosby, Dax, Dino, Echo, Maribella, Mia, Mickey, Vinnie

Jazzy and Duke’s June 09 Puppies

Daisy, Jacket, Leonardo, Lucetta, Maestro, Mr. WilsonSadie, Suki, Xena  

Amelia and Thurman’s May 09 Puppies

Geno, Lucy, Ruger, Rumor

Sophie and Duke’s April 09 Puppies

Andria, Callie, Chief, Darcy, Gabriella, Genevieve, Gunnar, HurleyMaxx, Rocco  

Zena and Duke’s February 09 Puppies

Blu, DoG, Isabella, Jazmine, Lucy, Nick, Valkor  

Kali and Duke’s Christmas 2008 Puppies

Bella Joy, Flex, Isabelle, Maizey, Punchy, Tucker  

Click to see an active, growing, nub-waggin’ Laymani crew having… Puppy Fun in the Whelping Box – 4 Weeks Old  

Diana and Duke’s October 2008 Puppies

Annabelle, Bane, Diesel, Emma, Josie, NotteRudy, Vinnie  

Sissy and Duke’s October 2008 Puppy


All Pups 13Sep08 003s

Summer Puppies  (L-R) Angelo, Popeye, Carmine, Isabel, Rosa, Gina, Chick, Lola

Puppies outside in their new 15 foot play yard, 13Sep08Fall Puppy Play  

Sophie and Thurman’s July 2008 Puppies

Chick, Luigi, Isabel. Oz  

Zena and Duke’s July 2008 Puppies

Boo, Chief, Guido, J, Laila, Teeko, Zoe  

Dutchess and Thurman’s July 2008 Puppies

Andre, Layla, Lola, Loki, Marius, Murphy, Niko, Philomina, Popeye  

Click for Fall Puppy Play with some of Dutchess and Sophie’s puppies.  

Sissy and Duke’s March 2008 Puppies

Angel, Bruno, Marshall, Oscar, Sophie Grace, Tyson  

Diana and Duke’s February 2008 Puppies

Lucy, Luigi, Nucklehead, Tony, Zoey  

Jazzy and Duke’s February 2008 Puppies

Bosco, Braddock, Jake, LolaR. Baxter  

Click for Mooses vs Meeses meeting of Diana and Jazzy’s puppies.  

Zena and Duke’s December 2007 Puppies

Nika, Molly, Sophie, Millie

Click Zena Puppy Pages for a multi-page pictorial of this litter’s journey at Laymani Boxers.

Jazzy and Duke’s August 2007 Puppies

Bella, Bling, Deacon, Funan, Kiwi, Lollipop, Maxine, Ramsey, Sadie, Winnie  

Sissy and Duke’s August 2007 Puppies

Armstrong, Bishop, Bonnie, Jack the Hammer, Luna, Marley, Reverend  

Sissy and Thurman’s Christmas 2006 Puppies

Bella Grace, Elvis, Jazzy-May, Kapone, Priscilla, Stella Bella,

Click Sissy Puppy Pages for a multi-page pictorial of this litter’s journey at Laymani Boxers.