AVAILABLE for placement with a Laymani Family

Hello Laymani Families, Friends and Fans, This page is for our rehoming program.  On occasion, life impacts a Laymani Family in such a way that they must give up their pup.  When this has happens, we find a new Family so our loving, nub-waggin’ pup never spends a day without love.  This is NOT A RESCUE PROGRAM.  These Boxers have NEVER been abused, neglected, mistreated or been homeless.  They have always been loved and are totally social with people, kids and other dogs.  Some of them are Laymani pups that have come back to us.  Some are Laymani Mommas that have retired and are looking for companionship and love.  Rehoming fees may or may not apply.  If you would like additional information, just give us a call at 740-678-2627 or cell 740-336-0558.


Sorry, we have no Boxers available for rehoming right now.

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