Planned Puppies

Boxer books spell out the details of breeding cycles, but nature and the Laymani Girls may not completely agree.  With that, we do our best to project a breeding schedule and intended pairings.  Often our Laymani Families have already chosen parents and characteristics for their puppy well ahead of a breeding and have placed their Advance Deposit to secure those choices. Note:  When you see “planned”, the date is based on a projection of when we expect puppies to be born.  That rough date may vary as nature takes her course.  After a breeding has taken place, the “due” date becomes much more specific (63 day gestation) but is still based on birthing puppies.  So, if you are trying to figure out a rough “take home date” for the future, add two months to the “planned” date.

Luna 24May15 10Rumor 27May10 19

Puppies planned early July 2018

Luna is large, muscular, and from a European line.  She is titled with the International All Breeds Club, has achieved AKC Canine Good Citizen, and was training for a 12 mile timed run when this photo was taken.  Luna weighs over 70 pounds.

Rumor is a big Boxer, around 90 pounds!  He loves to please and is a big huggy-bug.  When people meet him, they fall in love!  Rumor’s Daddy (Thurman) weighed 110 pounds, so very large puppies are always a possibility with him.

Luna’s puppies are expected to range from Fawn to Dark Brindle and should be very large.




Puppies planned for Summer 2018.

Caccia is a large female Boxer with a Brindle coat tinged toward Mahogany.

Serrano is a Luna/Rumor son.  He is a large Classic Fawn with Black Mask.

Caccia’s puppies should be large and range from Fawn to Mahogany Brindle.



Dolce 18Mar16 08

Puppies planned for Late Fall 2018.

Dolce is a Jessie/Rumor daughter.  She is an AKC-registered Dark Brindle Boxer, large-framed and continuing to put on weight.

Serrano is a Luna/Rumor son.  He is a Classic Fawn with Black Mask.

We expect her puppies to range from Fawn to Dark Brindle.




Puppies planned Late Fall 2018

GiGi is a Penelope/Dax daughter.  She is a Flashy Reverse Brindle and already about the same size as her Momma.  (Photo at 11 months old)

Serrano is a Luna/Rumor son.  He is a Classic Fawn with Black Mask.  (Photo at 8 months old)

We are very pleased to offer this pairing.  GiGi’s puppies are large and range from Fawn to Sealed Reverse Brindle.