3 January 08

Zena has been staying away from the puppies for longer and longer periods.  Its early, but she is giving signs of being ready to wean!  We had better get the exclusive Laymani Puppy Gruel ready and start our puppies on real food.  To encourage Zena to provide breakfast, we put the pups in a new 2x2 Padded Puppy Bed in the living room this morning.  She settled right down to feed, occupying the entire Puppy Bed and hanging over the sides.  Shortly after that, she insisted on going outside...though its still cold!  All four puppies decided to remain in the living room for babywipe baths and some social time.


Photo Right (L-R)
Betina (Betty) - 3.25 lb
Molly - 2.75 lb
Mona - 3.5 lb
Lisa - 4 lb

(L-R) Mona, Betina, Lisa

(L-R) Molly, Lisa, Betina, Mona

Kick off the covers!

Mona's getting chilly

Mona (Fawn) and Molly (Brindle) hanging out

Mom and Puppies at rest

All the puppies chowed-down on Laymani Puppy Gruel for the first time today.  The winner of our eating contest was definitely Molly, who really enjoyed the Italian seasoning.


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