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Sadie was a Female Flashy Brindle with Full Collar.  She weighed 2 pounds on August 21 and 28 pounds in early December.

4 September 07


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tessum,


I explored with great interest your website and everything Laymani’s has to offer.  I am very interested in my first Boxer!


I am a 28 year old responsible professional, whose friends and family visit often.  I feel I am laid-back and patient, yet focused and willing to devote the time and attention a new puppy will need.  


I am a pharmacist and faculty member of [Blank] University’s College of Pharmacy with a practice site at [Blank] Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.  My work schedule will be flexible with a normal work day being [Blank].  I will be living close enough to work to allow for a trip home during the day.


I am relocating from New Jersey back home to Indianapolis for the job on October 1st (with a built in week’s vacation available for full-time puppy duty/training).  I am excited for my move because I feel it would be more attuned for owning a dog…strong local family support for any dog-sitting needs, availability of quality dog-parks, and a much larger apartment [1300 s.f. with a good sized area (appr. 12 x 8) for confinement while at work] with intents on house (and fenced yard!) ownership in just a year.  I also have a number of friends in the Indianapolis area with dogs for ample opportunities for socializing.


My family has owned dogs since I was about 8 years old including a Labrador, medium-large mutt, and most recent a Siberian Husky for nearly 9 years.  I have always loved larger dogs and have been waiting for the right time (maturity, living situation, available time, and financial ability) to own one of my own.


I had the opportunity to dog-sit for a coworker’s Boxer multiple times and absolutely fell in love with him.  I loved his obedience and personality the fact he was always up and ready to play, yet able to enjoy some calm “snuggle” time and attention just as much. 


While I have done research and reading on Boxer’s to be sure it is a right selection for myself, I am not naive enough to think I can base decisions on a book or one-particular Boxer’s experience.  I would be extremely interested, based on your experience and knowledge, if you believe I would be a good fit for a Boxer.  I want to make the right decision so that not only myself, but my new friend, has a good, happy life.


Thanks for your time!



7 September 07

Good Morning! 
Denise, it was very nice speaking with you yesterday afternoon.  I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about all the puppies and your efforts to find them all good homes.  It is obvious that you care deeply about what you are doing and what happens to all your puppies.  I am sure that Laymani is the right choice for me.
I looked at all the wonderful new pictures on the website.  They're all so does anyone choose?!  However, there is something special about Boots that is calling out to me.  What is her personality like?  What can you tell me about her?
Thanks so much,

7 September 07

Thank you for your return email.
I think Boots sounds like a winner!  I would say she is #1 and Petite would be #2.  Again though, if you feel there is another female that would be a better match for me, I trust you and please let me know.
I am ready to move forward with this, assuming of course, that you approve of me adopting one of your kids.  You are putting a lot of trust in me and I was thinking that it's hard to put a face with a name or even a voice, so I have included a picture of myself from my friend's bridal shower just last weekend.  I am the blonde second from the right.  I hope you don't find this odd, but I just wanted to prove that I am indeed 'normal'. =)
If you approve, could you please send me a copy of the contract so I can take a look at it (I couldn't find one on the website) and where I can send the deposit to and whom I can make the check to?
Thanks so much,


8 Septermber 07

Thanks so much!  Yes, I think Boots is for me!!  I will put the deposit check in the mail today.

I would like to call her Sadie.  No worries...I will prepare to begin spoiling her right away getting all my/her needs together and scheduling a vet appointment.  If September 30th still works for you, I would like to come then to meet her and take her home.  I plan on making the long drive through PA on Saturday and can be there at whatever time works best for you on Sunday.

Thanks again for everything and look for the check to arrive early this week.  I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


24 September 07

Thanks so much for the puppy update!  It's nice to hear not only how Sadie is doing, but also all of her litter mates!
It's been busy getting all the needed supplies and toys together, but Sadie is all set!  She already has a vet appointment scheduled for Monday, Oct. 1st. 
Does Sunday the 30th still work for you?  I would prefer the morning, so we can get back to Indianapolis and have some time for Sadie to explore her new home before our (I'm sure) long first night.  But please let me know what time would be easiest for you.
Thanks so much,

4 October 07

Greetings from Indiana!  I just wanted to update you on Sadie.  There's no doubt, it's been a busy week! 
The car ride was good.  She whined a bit with the new experience and realizing her brothers and sisters weren't around.  But, she fell asleep pretty quickly and actually slept most of the way.
We went to the vet Monday morning and Sadie got a clean bill of health.  (She also melted a few hearts while there as well!)  She weighed in at 6 and 3/4 pounds.  She also got her bordatella vaccine so we'll be ready for puppy classes in a few weeks!
Sadie suprisingly has had no major problems at night.  You can tell she is used to sleeping in a crate and doesn't put up a fight to sleep there...even after being moved from my lap there!  I'm still learning to discern her "i'm lonely, where are you?" whine from her "I have to poop" whine.  Guess it'll take some time!
This week we've been working on housebreaking and realizing that I will actually return if I go out of her sight or leave the apartment.  Gotta love puppies! 
I'm happy to have Sadie in my life and as mischevious as she is, I can already tell she's a blessing.  Thanks so much!
Take care,


4 November 07


Guy and Denise,


I wanted to send you an update on Sadie.  She’s doing great and her personality is REALLY starting to come out.  She started out being very cuddly and timid.  She still wants to snuggle when it’s time for a nap, but she is timid no longer!!  She loves to meet new people and new dogs and thinks everyone/dog is a new playmate.  She is definitely not shy!


Sadie surely keeps me on my toes!  Housetraining is going well, despite the occasional accident.  She’s developed a fondness for shoes that we’re working on.  She has a seemingly never-ending source of energy!


We are about half way through our Puppy Kindergarten classes and it’s helped tremendously.  She was actually the first trouble-maker in her class to get “upgraded” to a training pinch collar.  After her initial temper tantrum, it made training soooo much easier.  They’ve helped me get her dominant personality in check, stop her nipping, and actually being able to walk sanely on a leash!  She is a quick learner and a very smart dog.  We were even pointed out this weekend in class as an example of “how you want your dog to respond!”  What progress! 


I’ve included a few recent pictures.  She moves so quickly it’s hard to get too many good ones!  Hope all is going well.


Take care,

  Jen and Sadie


10 December 07


Guy and Denise,


Sadie is doing great!  She graduated Puppy Kindergarten last weekend and is eagerly waiting for her next “Novice Class” to start so she can show off all her new skills.  She’s a pro at sit, down, stay, high-five, and rollover!  She is weighing in at 28.5 pounds and has completed all of her puppy vaccinations.  She’s made lots of friends around the neighborhood, dogs and people included.  She isn’t shy at all!  She gets so excited to meet new people that I’m constantly worried the “excitement pee” is going to dribble out...which it usually does!  She loves road trips anywhere and happily hops into her crate in the car to see what’s waiting for her at the end.  She loves to play with her soccer ball, but will do anything for her Kong-toy filled with peanut butter!  She’s a handful, but there is nothing that compares to curling up with the little warm pup for a nap on the couch after a day at work. 


I’ve included a lot of pics because I just can’t pick my favorite!  I hope all is going well at Laymani and I wish you a happy holiday season.


Jen and Sadie


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