Laymani Reunion 2009

Our first Laymani Family Reunion was held 13 June at the Barlow Fairgrounds, just 3 miles from the Laymani homestead.  Denise counted 21 Boxers in attendance, accompanied by about 70 people.  The site was a large shelterhouse atop a hill at the fairgrounds, and the entire place was dedicated to Boxers.  A playground kept the kids busy, while the adults spent their time visiting and playing with Boxers!

Denise and I spent the entire time grinning and going from Boxer to Boxer.  It was great seeing all those Laymani Boxers and Families again.  We especially enjoyed watching Boxers and kids chasing the soccer ball on the lawn.

Kristie Detlor of No Limits Images was onsite, taking photos all afternoon.  These photos are a small selection from the reunion remembrance CD she compliled.  More photos can be viewed at Laymani Boxers Reunion.  Contact her directly or drop us an email if you are interested in the CD.

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