Penelope's puppies are all big and active!  Placement calls to Laymani Families with Advance Reservations have begun.

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PenelopePuppies born 16 January 2016 Dax

Penelope 29Oct13 26.jpg

Penelope is a Genevieve/Chase daughter.

Dax was a Laymani puppy from Diana/Duke, who lives in Northern Ohio.
He was Sealed Reverse at birth, but is showing a bit more Brindle with age.

Penny had 4 big husky puppies, ranging from Classic Brindle to Flashy Reverse Brindle.

Introducing Winter, Frost, Ice, and Snow.  Ice is intended for the Laymani program.

Photos of past Laymani Puppies can be found from our Families page.

Details of purchasing a Laymani puppy are spelled out as our Standard Practices at the bottom of this page.
There you will find information about Puppy Pricing and Deposit Details.

We do not ship puppies, though we can occasionally break away for a few hours to meet a Laymani Family part way.
Please see the section on "PADS" for a solution when you live some distance away.

Laymani puppies are $1800, plus sales tax.  Our price does not vary because of age, sex or markings.

We have the ability to receive your deposit or puppy payments online via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, most Debit cards, and PayPal.
Approved Families will be provided instructions for access.
We will accept your personal check, provided we have received it at least 2 weeks prior to pick-up/delivery.  Otherwise, cash is required.
 Checks from approved Laymani Families should be made out to:
Denise Tessum
4882 Tick Ridge Rd.
Vincent, OH  45784

Our puppies are normally placed with AKC limited registration.  Full registration is possible under certain circumstances.


Our Puppy Room.


Larger view of Puppy Room.

To educate our Laymani Families, we have included the AKC / American Boxer Club - Official Standard for the Boxer
And, another reference to Boxers that draws from many sources... Wikipedia - Boxer

In addition, we have written on a number of subjects concerning...
Laymani Favorites is an entire page dedicated to our current Favorite and 30 Pick photos. 

See our Puppy PreSchool page for more information about the early life experiences of our youngsters.

Don't forget to view our Laymani Families pages to see photos of our past puppies and their families.

At the request of many loving, committed families that required shipping to receive a puppy, we have found an alternate solution that makes Personal Accompanied Delivery Service (PADS) available to our Laymani Families.  Ron Weeter, our neighbor, is a retired dog lover.  One day, he was talking to Denise about our reasons for not shipping puppies and said, "Hey, I could take the puppy right to their door!"  Ron is willing to accompany a puppy directly from our door to the new Laymani Family's door.  Sometimes that will most effectively be accomplished by driving, sometimes by flying with the puppy as a carry-on, and sometimes as a combination of the two methods.  Denise and I are really excited about this added feature because it opens the availability of Laymani puppies to Families farther away without compromising our feelings about sending off a puppy as unaccompanied cargo in the belly of an aircraft.  Ron ensures the safety and welfare of the Laymani puppy from one loving hand to another, free of the stress, anxiety, and possible trauma associated with flying unaccompanied.  Please contact us if you are interested in Mr. Weeter's services, and we will put you in touch with him.

Standard Practices at Laymani Boxers

All of our puppies have their tails docked and dewclaws removed at the vet's.  We prefer to have our veterinarian do that work, along with innoculations, because we trust her expertise and it gives our puppies that extra checkout by a trained professional.  When ready to go home with you, they will have had their first set of shots, been wormed, and have been checked more than once by our vet.  The first set of shots is given at 6 weeks and are absolutely vital to protecting your puppy, so we do not allow puppies to depart until several days after that innoculation.  We do not crop ears and we do not ship, but when schedules permit, we are willing to hand-deliver puppies.  Laymani puppies are raised in our home and introduced to our grandchildren as soon as children can safely handle them.  When you receive your puppy, you will also receive health records, AKC puppy registration papers, pedigree, and a starter bag of puppy food.

By the time our puppies are ready for their new homes, they are started on the way to being housebroken and doing quite well for their age.  They spend most of their time indoors when babies, but as they become more active and the weather allows, the puppies are sent outside in an enclosed area so they can play.

If you are taking one of our puppies to your home, we really want to meet you.  You are always welcome to pick up your new puppy at our home.  We are located about halfway between Marietta and Athens, OH on State Route 550.  Please note that mapping services and GPS may take you down a goat path to the wrong house.  Contact us to verify your directions before you start driving.  Laymani Boxers is approximately 2 hours driving time from Columbus, OH or Charleston, WV - 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh - 3.5 hours from Cleveland and Cincinnati - 5.5 hours from Indianapolis - a fair day's drive from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville.  Since we do not ship puppies, personal delivery is available, either to your home or to an in-between meeting place.  There is an additional cost for delivery outside of our local area, but we try to base the charge on our actual expenses to keep it reasonable.

Once you decide to bring a Laymani Boxer into your home, choose a puppy from the Puppies page and send us a $375.00 nonrefundable deposit.  The deposit is used to establish priority in placement of puppies.  The remainder of your puppy price, plus any additional charges, must be received by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old.  Our Laymani Boxer puppies are $1500 plus sales tax, a price that supports not only a single puppy but an ongoing breeding program.  All Laymani puppies are placed with a puppy contract, detailing expected care of the puppy and our guarantee.  In addition to money and contract, your puppy placement is not complete until you have physically inspected your puppy.  Any unresolved disputes outside of that contract will be arbitrated by a three-person panel, to be selected by Laymani Boxers, in Washington County, Ohio.  Arbitrated decisions are limited to monies actually paid to Laymani Boxers.

Advance Reservation deposits of $375 are also accepted toward future litters.  You may wish to specify sex, size, and/or markings.  Reservations will be filled in the order received.  Should you be unable to fulfill your reservation in the first available litter, you will be offered up to 2 additional litters in which to make your choice, after which your deposit will be forfeited.  On rare occasion, we will determine that a certain puppy placement is not in the best interest of our puppy.  In that case, we reserve the right to return your deposit.  Even though we attempt to schedule our picks from selected breedings in advance, Laymani Boxers reserves the right to make first pick from each litter.

We accept payment by cash, and under certain circumstances, by personal check.  Advance Reservations and Deposits are normally welcome by check.  All puppy payments by check must be made early enough to allow 2 weeks between receipt and puppy delivery to satisfy our bank.  Checks should be made out to Denise Tessum and mailed to 4882 Tick Ridge Road, Vincent, OH 45784.

If you are unable to receive your puppy when agreed upon, you will forfeit all rights to that particular puppy and monies paid, unless a mutual delivery date is arranged and agreed upon prior to 8 weeks of age.  We will allow a credit in the amount of the puppy price to be used to purchase another puppy at a more convenient time.  Refunds are not available.  We do, however, reserve the right to recommend a particular puppy to you based on our experience in matching our puppies' personalities and temperaments to your family and lifestyle.

If you should have any questions, please call or email us at...

    Guy & Denise Tessum
    4882 Tick Ridge Rd.
    Vincent, OH  45784
    740-678-2627   cell 740-336-0558 
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