Our puppies were 4 weeks old Saturday, 20 January.  These photos were taken 19 January.  Everyone was very vocal this morning, because Sissy decided to initiate crash-weaning.  It seems that teeth and claws don't appeal to her.  The next couple of days were a big adjustment for the puppies, as they moved from puppy-chow-gruel to soft food.  There are an additional three pages of photos available from the link below.


Puppies 1     Puppies 2     Puppies 3     Puppies 4     Puppies 5


#3 - Laymani Chiassosa Tre (Noisy #3)

Female Brindle with Black Mask and White Markings



#3 looks very much like her father, Thurman.  She is very tuned to people.

#4 - Laymani Tasca Cucciolo (Pocket Puppy)

Male Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings


23 Jan... Pockets had a field day to the vet's today.  Sissy and Jazzy needed a checkup, so he went along for fun.  Since he was there, our vet gave him a once-over...all good and he now weighs 4 pounds!


#4 is our Pocket Puppy.  He started out behind the others but is now ahead on walking and coordination.


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