In these photos of 14 Jan, Thurman and Sissy's litter of puppies were just 3 weeks old.  The whole crew was standing and beginning to walk, clambering onto their shelf and nearly tumbling out of their box when we forgot to close the gate.  Grandson Jacob was over in the morning to play, and Denise spent some time introducing the puppies to a small crate.  The day prior, #5's new Mom was here for a nice, long visit.  There are an additional two pages of photos available from the link below.


Puppies 1     Puppies 2     Puppies 3     Puppies 4     Puppies 5

#1 - Laymani Bionda Una

Female Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings




#1 is the calmest puppy of the group.  Her fawn color is nearly blonde and will be an excellent contrast with her black mask



#3 - Laymani Chiassosa Tre

Female Brindle with Black Mask and White Markings



#3 looks very much like her father, Thurman.  She is the largest of the three remaining puppies.

#4 - Laymani Tasca Cucciolo

Male Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings


#4 was so small at birth that we called him Pocket Puppy.  He holds his own with the rest of the crew and was the first to get on all four legs and walk.


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