These puppies are from the Christmas Eve litter of Thurman and Sissy.  Photos were taken 11 January 07, just after morning feeding by Sissy and bath by us.  Everyone has eyes open, is becoming increasingly more mobile and demandingly vocal.  We have just added a wooden shelf to their box for climbing and Puppy Pads are a new addition to aid toilet training.  The puppies were out in the living room to play with grandson Jacob around noon and are currently with Sissy, getting another meal.


Puppies 1     Puppies 2     Puppies 3     Puppies 4     Puppies 5

Laymani Bionda Una

#1 - I put my left leg out...

I put my left leg in... Female Fawn with White Markings (most coordinated

Laymani Bello Due

#2 - Busy doing pushups, on Hold

Male Reverse Brindle with White Markings (and a few black freckles on his nose)

Moving to Pennsylvania!


Laymani Chiassosa Tre

#3 - A good day for a snooze

Female Brindle with Black Mask and White Markings (looks a lot like her Daddy)

Laymani Tasca Cucciolo

#4 - Our Pocket Puppy

Male Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings (the smallest and knows how to worm in for dinner)

13 Jan - Pocket Puppy was the first one on his feet and walking!

Laymani Bella Cinque

#5 - Bella Cinque, on Hold

Female Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings (biggest of the bunch)

13 Jan - My new Mom came to visit!

Laymani Bella Sei

#6 - Bella Sei, on Hold

Female Flashy Dark Brindle with Full Collar (white star behind her head)

Her new owners had to choose by drawing from a hat.  Maybe she should be called "Hatty"!

When #2 finished his workout, he decided to see how the other puppies measured up.  Currently he's pushing for #5's record as the biggest of the bunch!



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