Past Puppies

Five pages showing Sissy and her Christmas 2006 litter of puppies from birth until they left Laymani Boxers

Several more pages showing the progress of this litter are available from the links below.

Puppies 1     Puppies 2     Puppies 3     Puppies 4     Puppies 5

These photos were taken at 6 days.  The puppies visited the vet two days earlier for a first checkup, tails, and dewclaws.  This was the first evening that Sissy and family were together in the living room with us, instead of enjoying the privacy of the whelping box.

#1 is the firstborn puppy, a fawn female with black mask and a white streak down her face to the chest.  She has white toes, as do most of the puppies.

#2 is dark enough to be called reverse brindle.  He's a male with a white streak on his face, extending to his belly, and white toes.

#3 is the puppy that most resembles her daddy, Thurman.  She's a brindle female with black mask, a touch of white on the face, white chest and belly.  Her toes are white.


#4 is a little fawn male with a black mask and some white markings.  He needed some supplemental feedings to get started, but he's right in there looking for dinner when Sissy is feeding.  Denise calls him her "Pocket Puppy".

#5 is a whopping-big fawn female with a white streak beginning at the eyes and extending down over the chest.  She tipped the scale at 1.75 pounds at 4 days, a quarter-pound more than the other puppies.

#6 is a dark brindle female.  She has a white streak down her face, a white chest and belly, and four white socks.  She has a full white collar and a distinctive white star at the back of her head.

#4 and #5 pictured together.  Its easy to see why the Pocket Puppy has to work harder for dinner.

Five puppies together.  #5 is the largest but not by much.

#2 is known to follow his own directions.

Grandson Jake with #3 on New Year's Day

Holding #6, all six puppies out of the box to play

Our big girl, #5, is On Hold for her new owner.  Photo taken 5 January.

Pocket Puppy visited the vet for a checkup, dewclaws and docking on 3 January.  He almost doubled his weight in a week to 1.25 pounds.  Here he is pictured with big sister, #5.


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