Reverse Brindle Male with White Markings

That's Thurman's Boy!

Above photos at 6.5 months old - 22Jan09


8 October - Vet Exam, Third Puppy Shot, 24 lbs

He's the big-boy...takes after Thurman.  The previous injury to his left eye is barely noticable.  In fact, he runs full-tilt in all directions with no problems!

18 August - Vet Exam, First Puppy Shots, 6.25 lbs



Popeye had the misfortune to have his left eye scratched as a baby.  Treatment included stitches to partially close his left eyelid and an antibiotic ointment applied several times a day.  He was separated from the rest of his siblings to avoid any further injury.  Our vet was very pleased that the eyeball healed and he was able to retain his eye, though it will probably result in reduced vision on that side.  Taken just after his stitches were removed, these photo show swelling around his left eye that we expect to reduce with time.  He no longer needs any special treatment and is back to playing with the rest of his litter.







3.75 pounds - 9Aug08







1.25 pounds at birth.

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