This page is dedicated to Laymani Boxers of the past.  Some have retired, living the good life, and some are waiting for us on the other side.  Here we can remember them all.


Laymani Boxers in Retirement... 

Laymani Buio Rose Java
Java is a Reverse Brindle with White Markings.  A Reverse Brindle has more dark than fawn coloring in her coat. 
A Notte/Rumor puppy from our own program, Java is already as big as her Momma.  She is both attentive and loving.
Java is 11 months old in these photos.

Java 29Oct13 26.jpg

Java is from Notte and Rumor.

Please see their pedigrees for more information.

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Java 29Oct13 03.jpg

Java retired early and lives with a loving Laymani Family.  She has a beautiful baby and big brother (Laymani Gunnar) to play with.

Laymani Babys Sophia Genevieve is an AKC-registered Fawn Female with Black Mask and White Markings.  She has a large frame and has big puppies!
"Gen" loves her people and she loves to play.  Notte and Rumor are her best buddies.

Genevieve photos taken at 14 Months.  She filled-out quite a bit since these photos.  Her adult weight is 65 pounds.
Genevieve is retired and will be placed with her Laymani Family in July.

Please see Sophie and Duke's pedigrees for more information.

Princess Juliet is an AKC-registered Flashy Fawn Female with Black Mask and White Markings from a Champion Sire.  She's a sweet, polite Boxer, who retains most of her playful puppy qualities.

Jules is a wonderful, caring momma.

Jules' Pedigree

Jules is retired and has been placed with her Laymani Family!

Laymani Buio Notte
(Dark Night)
Notte retired and was placed with a loving Laymani Family.  She attends the motorcycle drag races and lives with another Diana pup and 3 Boston Terriers.
Notte is a Sealed Reverse Brindle with White Markings.  A Sealed Reverse Brindle looks nearly black, but you should always see fawn somewhere in the coat.
When you get close-up, you can see a couple fawn markings on Notte's body and at the sides of her neck.
A Duke/Diana puppy from our own program, Notte's frame is one of our biggest female Boxers.  She's well-behaved, playful, laid-back, and a really good companion for the other Boxers.

Notte is from Diana and Duke.  Please see their pedigrees for more information.

Diana's Pedigree and a photo display of Diana's Ancestors


21Oct12 - Diana was placed with a Laymani Family today.  She will be living locally with the Martins and Chloe, from our summer puppies.

Whisper Wood's Princess Diana is an AKC-registered Reverse Brindle with some White Markings and a Champion lineage, mostly from the Boxella line.  She is a bit smaller than our other girls, around 55 pounds, but has a beautiful square, boxy look.  Diana loves to stand on top of her doghouse to get the big view.  She's another sweet, huggy Boxer, who loves her people.  Notte, our young Sealed Reverse Brindle girl,  is one of Diana's puppies and much larger than Momma.  Diana was spayed at the end of 2011 and is available to the right home.

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We kept a Diana/Duke puppy (Notte) in Fall 2008 and Lollipop in Spring 2011.
Diana's Pedigree and a photo display of Diana's Ancestors


Hollywoods Kahlua "n" Cream Khaliah is an AKC-registered Flashy Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings from a Champion lineage.  She has a smaller frame than our other girls.  Kali weighs around 50 pounds.  She dances all over the place and has a beautiful square, boxy look.  Kali was spayed in June 2012 and placed with a Laymani Family..


Laymani Baby Sophia is no little girl!  She's an AKC-registered Flashy Reverse Brindle and weighs over 65 pounds. Handpicked as a baby, Sophie grew up at Laymani Boxers and is absolutely spoiled.  Sophie's mother was the largest mahogany fawn that we have ever seen.  She was spayed in the summer of 2012 and placed with a Laymani Family.

Sophie is loving and protective.  She lives locally and has a Boxer boy for extra company.
Sophie's Pedigree     Click for more Sophie photos


Raptures Grand Amelia is an AKC-registered, Flashy Brindle and has a large frame.  Amelia currently weighs around 65 pounds.  Her good manners and winning personality quickly found her a place in our hearts.  Amelia's mother and father live in Michigan, where her father is an Agility competitor.  Her grandfather lived far beyond a Boxer's expected years.

Above photos are of Amelia with her Laymani Family...lots of dogs, lots of acres, and lots of love.

We kept an Amelia/Thurman puppy in 2009.  Rumor has become Thurman's replacement.

Miss Amelia was spayed at just under 4 years old and found her Laymani Family about a year later.

Daisy is a beautiful AKC-registered Flashy Fawn with a playful attitude and an athletic build.  She loves attention and is always ready to cuddle.

Daisy had one litter of puppies with Laymani and was placed with a Family in Colorado.  We kept Daisy/Duke puppies, Jessie and Daisy, for the Laymani program.


Lil Miss Sissy is a Flashy Fawn female with a Full White Collar and Black Mask.  She weighs at least 65 pounds and is a husky, boxy girl.  We brought her into our family for her strong, yet feminine looks and her warm disposition.  When we think of Sissy, the first word that comes to mind is "sweet".

Sissy had her last puppies in the fall of 2008 at about 4.5 years old.  She was spayed at the beginning of 2009 and placed with a Laymani Family.  Now, she dresses up for football games and plays with her own little girl.

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Laymani Warrior Zena is a husky Fawn Female with Black Mask and some White Markings.  She's a calm girl, who loves to play fetch and is quite the athlete.  When Zena arrived at Laymani Boxers, she took to the play yard with zest, built more muscle and dropped all her babyfat.  She was always the leader of our pack and currently weighs over 60 pounds.  Zena's puppies are athletes from the very beginning, just like Mom.  Click for more Zena photos

Zena was retired at about 5 years old, spayed and placed with a Laymani Family in our local area.



Laymani Jasmine (Jazzy) is a Flashy Fawn female with Full White Collar.  Agile and light on her feet, she is absolutely feminine and gorgeous.  She loves attention and is known as "Auntie Jazzy" because of the way she adopted Sissy's Christmas '06 puppies. Now that she has had her own puppies, she has proven herself to be a great Mom.  Jazzy weighs around 65 pounds and was retired at 3.5 years old.

Jazzy getting ready to go home with her new Family.  She now lives in the Columbus area and next door to one of her puppies!
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In Memory of Laymani Boxers who have passed on...



Duke was an AKC-registered and DNA-tested Brindle male with Black Mask and White Markings from a Champion lineage.  He was wonderful with children, puppies, and cats...though the cats may not have shown a similar friendliness.  Mostly puppy his whole life, Duke displayed as much goofiness as possible.  Duke was really active, so though he was a big boy and we had him on full feed, he weighed about 75 pounds.

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Wait... I'll get it!

 Behaving for the moment...

 ...enough of that.


Glad to meet ya!


Thurman was one biiiig Boxer, but because he was well-proportioned, his size really didn't show in most photos.  He has thrown some big, beautiful puppies, who can be seen on the Families pages.

Kristie&Brian's Thirsty Thurman was a husky 110-pound AKC-registered Brindle male with Black Mask and White Markings.  His breeder was working toward loving, good-looking, sound Boxers.  Thurman exemplified his efforts, a great big love-puppy.  His big head and chest, symmetrical Brindle markings and Black Mask were striking.  Thurman was our daughter's baby and lived just across the pasture. 
Our young male, Rumor, was a Thurman/Amelia puppy.
Thurman's Pedigree


Echo was a sweet, goofy Flashy Fawn.  Playful, gentle, and quiet, she was always ready to romp around.  We bought Echo as a young adult and never had puppies with her.

Miss Echo passed in the summer of 2011.



Isabel was Flashy Dark Brindle Thurman/Sophie puppy with that Linebacker look.  We held her in our hands when she was born and still miss her terribly.

Our Isabel passed from an accident in late spring 2010.
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Dutchess was a young AKC Brindle with Black Mask and White Markings from a Champion lineage.  She was the largest girl at Laymani Boxers and weighed well over 70 pounds.  A love-bucket, looking for attention most of the time, Dutchess and Thurman had puppies 5 July 2008.  We lost our "Dutch" to surgical complications about a week after she had her puppies.  She gave her puppies a good start in life, and we are always going to miss her.

Those "flying wing" ears are the result of cropping initiated by her original owner.  The taping wasn't successfully completed, so her ears didn't stand, but our Grand Dame didn't seem to mind and neither did we.

Dutchess' Pedigree and a photo display of Dutchess' Ancestors


Mara was a beautiful AKC Brindle from a Champion lineage.  She was husky at close to 70 pounds but had not yet reached breeding age.  She loved to romp and play with all the other Laymanis and was shaping up to be our pride.  Unfortunately, we lost her in a tragic "breakaway" collar accident.  Since then, Laymanis don't wear collars unless they are under direct human supervision.

Mara's passing was in 2007, but Denise and I are both still torn about how we lost her.

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