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Luna is a Female Brindle with a White Chest, Toes, and a Stripe on her Nose.

She weighed 2.25 pounds on August 21 and 38 pounds on 17 Jan 08.

22 May 07

Dear Guy & Denise, 

My husband and I are just beginning our search for a new member for the family.  We have done a lot of reading on Boxers and we believe this is the next right dog for us.  We want to visit a couple of breeders and potentially get our name in for a late summer or fall puppy, even a little later is fine.  Would we be able to arrange a visit and see your dogs and talk to you?  We live just north of Cincinnati and we could make it a day trip on the weekend. 

We are traveling this summer and do not to get a puppy just now because we can not take it with us and we do not want to put it in a kennel during the first few months as we get to know each other.  We have 2 older children, the youngest is 16.  We currently have a Boston Terrier, Blaze, who is almost 15, and we have two indoor cats. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 



17 June 07

Dear Denise and Guy, 

First of all, thank you for opening up your home to us.  Carrie and I had a great day and enjoyed meeting and being ‘loved’ by the family.  Your dogs are all beautiful, healthy looking and have great temperaments.  We also appreciated the amount of information you gave us and were impressed by the genuine affection you have for your dogs. 

After talking on our drive home, Carrie and I decided we would like to become part of the Laymani family – to say the least we were impressed.  As I said, the dogs are beautiful, but more importantly, each one was well tempered and truly showed love for you and each other as they bounded about.  This is the most important thing for us and we have been a little discouraged by the continued interaction we have had a couple of the other breeders.  Interestingly, we were even wondering if we “made the cut” of the selection process as we drove home.  Glad we did – we are excited but I have to tell you, Carrie can hardly sit still – I am wondering if she is going to make me build a nursery!! 

I know your site said no checks but thought you said the $200 deposit was OK that way.  Could you please let us know and also verify the mailing address. 

We talked about what we were looking for.  I know we have time, but wanted to give the basics again.

·         We are definitely looking for a female, leaning towards brindled but that is not a must as Jazzy and Sissy were gorgeous as well.

·         A little on the smaller side (although Thurman was something else!) as this will be Carrie’s walking buddy and might even play on the agility course.

·         Our home is a little quieter since the kids are starting to leave the nest, I am sure a boxer pup will help liven it up.

·         Temperament, temperament, temperament.  For us it’s all about the love (with a little bit of gorgeous boxer looks on the side).  To be honest, your recommendation of personality fit will take precedence over looks of the puppy (I can’t imagine a bad looking pup from your family). 

Thanks again for everything. 

Dan and Carrie


18 June 07

Dear Denise and Guy,

Thanks for the e-mail and all the information you supplied!  Can’t wait for the puppies to be born!  However, for you August is going to be very, very busy!   The check for $200 was just put in the mail, so you should receive it by the end of this week. 

Thanks again and please keep in touch. 

Dan and Carrie


26 June 07

Denise and Guy, 

Looks like the weather has been great for getting out although I think the streams and rivers have to be on the lower side with the lack of rain. 

Carrie and I have been playing around with potential names (kind of the things parents-to-be do) and have a couple we like, will probably wait until we see the pictures to make sure the right one fits.  One we are just sitting on right now is Luna (short for Lunetta).  We are playing with the astronomy theme as brother Blaze’s formal name is Blazing Star, kind of want to have a little bit of legacy. Besides, flows nice with the Laymani name.  What do you think?  Anyways, we have a ways to go and are still coming up with names. 

Glad to hear that you have more visitors coming, I am sure they will be impressed as well by the ‘pack of love’ – they are all tongue and nubs!  We have been sending pictures of your kids to members of our family so they can see.  My Mom’s already excited as we have had dogs all our life. 

Talk to you soon. 

Dan and Carrie


26 June 07


Hi!  I’m glad you like Luna.  Dan came up with that one, so right now I’m just letting the name settle in.  Sometimes a name sits for a while and you want to change it.  But, so far I like it.  Yes, we looked up Italian girl names and that was one of them!  Yes, we did see the new homepage and it does have a feeling of nostalgia, love the black and white photos ( it really does send the message: a young boy playing happily with his puppy).  Has anyone else commented on it?

Sounds like you had fun kayaking last weekend.  It was nice weather, but we do need the rain.  Is your area in a drought?  We are.  We did kayaking last summer down the Little Miami.  It was my first time and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it.  I thought I did pretty good for my first time!  Just made sure I stayed out of the way of other people.

Well take care and we’ll continue to keep in touch throughout the summer.  Love all the updates you are providing!  Have fun playing with Sophie and take care of the moms- to- be.




7 July 07

Denise and Guy,

Hello and just a quick note to see how everything is going.  Are your girls progressing well with their pregnancies?  We’re getting excited about the new puppy.  We’ve recently purchased a crate, which she can use as she grows.  In addition to some toys, new leash, etc.  Also, made her a nice soft fleece blanket.  So… getting ready.  Almost done reading Boxers for Dummies, which is a good read and a bit humorous too!  We have shown the pictures of your boxers to our family and Dan has shown them also to his co-workers and everyone thinks that they are gorgeous.

Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your summer, as I know next month will be extremely busy!  We are actually getting ready to go on vacation soon to the east coast, so if you e-mail us with updates we might not be able to respond right away.

We’ve been thinking about it and we like the name Luna( Lunetta Laymani).  A little Italian boxer girl!!

Anyways, keep the updates coming and take care. 



5 August 07

WoooHooo!!!  What great pictures. 

Carrie was like a kid at Christmas this morning.  What a great start to the day. 

We know you will be VERY busy over the next few days, please don’t worry about responding. 

Take care of yourselves as well as the little ones. 

Dan and Carrie


26 August 07

Denise and Guy,

Thank you to you two also for the Saturday visit.  Glad you enjoyed the wine, you deserved it!  We got home safely, although ran into a bunch of heavy rain showers.  I’m sure you got it at your house, because the rain was moving in your direction.  Anyways, we loved meeting all the puppies and seeing the moms again.  We felt comfortable with Luna and I think she felt the same way too; although all the puppies loved being cradled and getting that extra TLC!  Dan has looked at his work and travel schedule and we have 2 dates which would work out for us as far as picking Luna up and taking her to her new home.  We have available Sunday,September 16th, which we already talked about with you, and the other day is Saturday, the 22nd.  So, let us know which one would best for you and then we can make arrangements for the big day( also have to make kennel arrangements for Blaze).

Also, we have a pet store in town which sells the EVO, so we’re thinking of going with that food.  Either way, Luna will be put on some good quality food. 

Thanks Again! 

Carrie and Dan


3 September 07

Denise and Guy,

Hi!  How is your weekend?  Able to get out and relax?  How is Luna doing?  Last we heard the puppies were being introduced to a ball, another new texture for the babies.  The pictures we took last weekend are on our screen saver now, but I’m sure she looks a little different now.  Have you placed any more of the puppies?  And, how are the moms feeling?  Well, if you have any recent pictures or upates we’d love to see them.  Luna is all set for her first vet visit here, she go in the day after we pick her up.  Dan has attached a couple of pictures from our visit. 

See you in a couple of weeks. 



On September 6, this puppy weighed 5 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

6 September 07

Denise and Guy,

Oh, she’s so cute and she looked thrilled!  When you had her standing up I had to laugh, it looked like she was taking a shower.  And, wow!!  How she has grown since we last saw her!  Amazing.  Well, we’re counting down till next Sunday.  How mobile is she now?  Does she move quick and does she have a preference for certain toys?  Trying to get the house ready for her, just need a baby gate so she doesn’t go downstairs to the finished basement.  Keep in touch!



17 September 07

Denise and Guy, 

We had a really good night with Luna.  Things are going as smoothly as we can hope for. 

She is already crying when she wants to do number 2 (has only done it once in the house as she had not trained Carrie and I yet).  She has found a place outside in the mulch she loves as a pee and poop yard. 

She only woke up twice during the night.  We played with her quite a bit and I imagine she was a bit tired form the ride.  She slept with one of her smell goods and a new rope toy she likes to tug on. 

Blaze was doing OK until this little bundle of energy wanted to do everything he does.  You should see Luna’s nub move when she spies him coming around the corner! 

The cats are warming up to her as well and this has really amazed us as they normally hide for many days.  I guess she is just not threatening (yet!!!!). 

We attached the picture from yesterday.  We will keep you posted on the news and any New Adventures of Luna….& Blaze….& Hallie…..& Amy. 

The Proud New Parents, 

Dan and Carrie


22 September 07


Thought you would an update on Luna! 

First, she is training us well.  She has only pooped in the house once since we brought her home.  She has a specific bark and has taught us to listen.  She is still peeing a lot and was squatting quite a bit even after peeing which didn’t seem normal.  We took her back to the vet and found out she had a little vaginitis so she is on puppy antibiotics.  It is making a big difference.  She probably goes about 70% of the time outside – a smart little girl.  The vet says she is very pretty (we all know that) and she has a slight umbilical hernia which should retreat on its own.  Other then that, worm free and looking good. 

In true puppy fashion, she is exploring everything around her.  She approaches, bounds, paws and finally the teeth go on it.  She loves to run outside, you can see the picture where she found our ornamental grasses and she thinks they are keen.  We can’t wait to get her second set of shots so she can go to puppy “training” which is a socialization course Carrie has found.  You can see the picture of her with Blaze, every time she sees him her nub goes hypersonic, but Blaze really just wants to sleep.  The cats are doing fine with her, they stay out of her way when she has free time in the house, but will sniff her in her cage when she is quite or sleeping.  No hissing or anything!   

She gets us up about 2-3 times at night to go outside, but then comes right back in and goes to sleep. 

The punch line, we love her and couldn’t feel better about how she was brought into this world – THANK-YOU. 

We know 2 more leave this weekend so you will be busy, no need to write, just thought you would like to see the ‘first to fly the nest’. 

Dan and Carrie


29 September 07


Thanks for writing back and letting us know about the puppies. I’m sure things are winding down for you with all the puppies leaving etc.  Luna is doing great!  She’s a very smart puppy too! No joke, I can have her come to me and with the hand signal and sit command she’ll sit.  Always gets good food treats during these times.  She continues to grow and explore the house.  Finally figured out yesterday that she can climb all the stairs to our 2nd floor, but not able to come back down.  We give her a lot of free floor time after she’s been outside to potty, which is progressing very smoothly.  She’s actually sleeping longer at night and learning to hold herself longer.  I usually get up around 3:00 am to take her out, big improvement from last week.  She wasn’t crazy about her crate at first, so we move it out to the kitchen area in the daytime and bring it back to the bedroom at night.  It’s been working well, but when she’s unhappy she gets very vocal!!

She goes to the vet on Thursday for her next set of shots.  The vet thought she was beautiful and very cute as did everyone at the vet office.  There’s just something about a boxer puppy’s face!  I will post one of your business cards in their lobby.

Two weeks from today she starts her puppy education classes which I’m looking forward to.  I think she’ll enjoy getting out more and playing with other pups.  The only question we have is she likes to bite during play and sometimes she bites too hard.  I usually have a toy in hand to offer but sometimes that doesn’t work.  Do you have any suggestions on how we can handle this?  We try saying “ouch” loud and walk away but then she bites your ankles.  Other than that she’s a sweet dog, loves to be held too.  I’m loving that because I know it won’t be too long before I can’t do that.  We are really enjoying her.  Thank you!!

Write back.


10 October 07

Dear Guy and Denise, 

It was great getting the e-mail last night w/ al the puppy updates, both current and past puppies.  It was neat hearing how Luna’s brothers and sisters are doing too!  Sounds like they’re all adjusting.

She got her 2nd set of shots last week, Oct. 4th, and weighed 10.8lbs at the time. She is growing so fast, doesn’t look like that little baby anymore.  She’s got long legs.  She’s also been started on her flea control, frontline plus and interceptor for the heartworms.  Doctor told me to wait until her 3rd set of shots before I take her for walks on the street.  But, she walks on a leash fairly well in the yard.  As soon as you start to leave familiar territory or if she hears another dog bark or the geese were flying over our yard early this morning she gets scared.  New sounds and sights!

She had to go back on antibiotics again, a week ago, because her infection returned.  This time she is on pill form of amoxicillin, stronger dose this time compared to the 1st time, and is on them for 2 week duration.  I knew something was off because she completely had no bladder control and was bleeding a little too.  Called the vet right away and since she’s been on the meds she’s been doing ok.  Had a couple of pee accidents in the house over the past 2 days.  We take her out often, because if she’s engrossed in play she’ll get up and go.  I will watch her closely after she’s done with her meds to make sure the infection is gone for good.

Luna starts puppy classes this Saturday, had her kennel cough and is ready to mingle with the other pooches.  A couple of young boys that live on our street love to come over when she’s outside playing, you should see her little tail go!  It’s cute.  And, she enjoys chasing our neighbor’s cat!  Training at home is coming along well, definitely knows sit now and currently working on the down with the food.  She is a food motivated dog!  Also has an excellent appetite, 3 times a day, ˝ cup each meal.  She has really fallen into a routine around here.  She currently is sleeping through the night too.  Yeah!!  She likes our other pets, too much for Blaze though.  She jumps on him while he’s sleeping and it really scares him.  If she becomes too much, she’ll either go to her crate or we’ll move Blaze.  She plays alongside our one cat, the calico.  They will chase the laser light together.  Again,Hallie lets Luna know when enough is enough.

Well, that’s about it here.  Enjoying her very much.  We will continue keeping you posted on Luna milestones.  Take care.  Luna kisses to all the boxers and Sissy and Duke! 



19 October 07

Guy and Denise, 

Hi!  I just viewed your website and saw the last 4 puppies, how cute.  Anybody interested in them?  I saw them playing outside on the porch stairs and w/ the pumpkin.  It looked like they were having fun.  And, I also saw your new female additions, how pretty!  Diana is a dark beauty!  I don’t know how you two do it, but I’m sure you’re getting busy again!  And, I only have 1 boxer!  Yes, she keeps me busy.  Dan has been traveling so much that Luna and I have a lot of time together.  I’m learning much about her and her personality, her likes and dislikes.  She started her puppy classes last Saturday and she enjoyed getting to play with another classmate.  Although, the class is very small, only Luna and a 5 month old miniature pinsher.  The teacher wishes that there were more in the class, but we end up getting more individualized  attention.  We have exercises for the week to practice. We also started taking small walks up the street.  She resists at time which is normal so I always have good treats in my right hand to lure her along.  I like to keep getting her out and seeing and hearing new things.  It’s good for her!  And every where we go I get comments on how cute she is.

She goes back to the doctor on Thursday for her 3rd set of shots.  I believe she weighs close to 14 lbs now; she is growing big and strong.  She finished her antibiotics for her vaginitis on Monday and the next day she started with the repeated squatting when outside to pee, and having accidents in the house again.  Called the dr. that evening and told me to come in to get a tapering dose of the amoxicillin.  She’s being tapered down now and then will go to a pill once every other day.  At that time I have to watch her to see how she does with this dose.  I’ve been on the internet researching about this in puppies, and I’ve read lots of different views, such as diet changes, urine ph, etc.  My dr. also said that he’s seen this condition in Dobermans, and also said it could be related to hormonal changes in the females.  I would probably have to let Luna go through her 1st heat ( I guess she’d be 8 months??), and it should resolve itself.  So, I wouldn’t be able to get her spayed at 6 months.  In your experiences, have any of your female dogs or puppies had this?  Do you know if diet would make a difference?  Currently, she’s still on a 50/50 mix of EVO small bites and Purina puppy chow.  I know puppy chow has the grains in it while the EVO is protein rich and grain free.  Should I go straight EVO?  I welcome your advice if you have any information regarding this.

Have a nice weekend and look forward in hearing from you again.  It was also interesting to know that some of Luna’s brothers ( Armstrong and the boys, Bishop and Reverend)  live in the Columbus area.  I think the 2 live in Columbus, I just know several are close to where we live.  What a small world! 




5 November 07

Dear Denise and Guy, 

It’s been a while since we last spoke.  How are you?  We’ve been very busy and Luna keeps us on our toes!  Never a dull moment with her!

She’s been to the dr. twice since I last spoke to you Denise on the phone.  The first one was to have her urine tested which came back very clean!  That’s good.  She will be kept on a low dose of amoxicillin daily until this vaginitis resolves.  I asked about drug resistance and he said it’s a very low dose so she’ll be ok.  In addition, I have to give her douches twice a week.  Never thought I’d ever have to do this to a dog!  I cradle her like a baby, distract her with treats and administer.  This will also help with any irritation she may be having.  I asked again about the spaying issue and the senior vet at the hospital said puppies with her condition do well if you spay at 6 months.  So, she’ll be spayed on time versus going into a first heat.  Her 2nd visit was her 12 week check and everything looks beautiful.  She weighed 18 lbs at the time.

Her training is also progressing well too.  We’re getting into loose leash walking ( yeah right!!)  My gosh, encouraging a 20 lb boxer to come for walking when they don’t want to can be difficult.  She’s strong!  My left arm got very sore from her pulling and resisting.  So, our teacher recommended the gentle leader for her.  More improvement with it today.  It’ll take time.  We had to go this method due to her neck becoming so red.

Well, that’s about all for now.  We will continue to keep in touch.  Anybody interested in the rest of the puppies? 

Have a nice Thanksgiving. 

Carrie and Dan


19 November 07

Dear Guy and Denise, 

It was great to hear from you and the update on all your dogs, sounds like it’s been very busy around your house.  Getting ready for more puppies!  I wish the two of you a nice holiday with your family.  Dan’s parents are coming this Wednesday and they’re bringing their 1 yr. old shi-tzu.  Oh boy, Luna will have some fun!!

She is doing really well.  Luna has 2 more puppy classes left then she’ll advance to either the intermediate level or go back to beginner.  The teacher will let me know Saturday.  She’s very smart and learns quickly, you just have to be consistent with her.  If she goes back to beginner it’ll be a lot of repetition which for her will be a plus.  We go to classes every Saturday evening and she loves playing with her 2 classmates, esp. the chocolate lab puppy.  They were both born right around the same time too.  OK, here are the Luna Accomplishments: 

Weight: 25 lbs, we get so many compliments on her and how pretty her coat is, etc.   She still has her distinctive white stripe down her nose. 

Likes: Luna still loves to be rocked in a rocking chair (our 2 kids think I’m crazy!, but she likes it!)

          Soft, fleece blankets

          Car rides and walks

Dislikes: Cold, frosty grass in the early AM

              Any sudden, loud noises

Favorite Toy: plush moon-shaped squeak toy (go figure, a Luna for Luna)

                     Chewing on her “bully stick”

Favorite Activity: Chasing a laser light w/ our cat, Hallie ( it’s hilarious). Doing laps in our great room and leaping over any objects or pets (Blaze) that are in her way.  She might be good for agility when she gets older.

Tricks: Luna will give her paw to us when asked (looks like she’s shaking our hands and learned it in a day).  She also sits, stays and goes down. 

Proudest Moment:  The first one was the day we picked her up to bring her home, such an exciting day!

                              Her teacher complimented us on the progress that Luna has made in her puppy classes.

Embarrassing Moment: At times, when she meets new people who really love dogs, or when meeting a new dog, she loses control of her bladder and pees everywhere  

Well, that’s it for now.  Have a nice, relaxing holiday! 

Dan and Carrie


20 November 07

Denise and Guy, 

Carrie did not send you the best picture of all, Luna licking my face off!!  If you enlarge the picture you can actually see the slobber on my face. 

The other thing she did not tell you was we have given her a nick name of ‘Gremlin Girl’.  When she is playing hard or getting tired she starts making a high growling sound which reminded us of a gremlin.  We laugh hysterically and it only encourages her to do it louder.

You are always welcome to stop in if you are in the area (on the way to Jungle Jims or something). 



3 December 07

Denise and Guy,

Thanks for the e-mail and we’re looking forward to the big puppy update.  We still visit your website because we like to hear what you’re up to and who’s next to give birth.  I guess Zena will be ready in a couple of weeks.  Again, busy time for you although, not like the month of August!  I hope everything goes smoothly, as this is her first time with you.

We are doing well.  I can’t believe another holiday is closely approaching.  Our daughter comes home from college on Friday,that will be nice.  Over the next 2 weeks Dan will be doing a lot of traveling.  Luna is doing great!  She had her 4 month shots last week, so she’s all set until February when she’ll get her rabies and spaying.  She weighed 27.8 lbs at last week’s check.  She’s pottying well too, going to the door when needs to go outside.  She is really beautiful.  Luna graduated from puppy school on Saturday and will start her next level this Wednesday.  Training her has been relatively smooth, she’s smart and learns quickly.  Our big thing now is teaching her not to go near the Christmas tree and so far, we’re having success.  Well she’s sleeping now, just came in from outside.  It’s also very cold today.  I try to get in at least 2 good walks a day with her because she has so much energy to spare!  Even got her a fleece lined jacket, because she shivers in the cold.  She walks proudly on the streets modeling her new coat!

Anyways, continue to keep in touch as we will too!



19 December 07

Congrats on the new arrivals!  With all the love you guys gave 17, those 4 are going to be soooooo spoiled. 

You should be getting a Christmas card in the next day or so with a picture of Luna & Santa.  Santa may look like he was just mugged but all that really happened was he was loved to death by a Laymani Boxer.  As roughed up as Santa looks, he and his helper elves could not stop talking about how cute she is and how much she just loves people.  G-Ma and G-Pa Tessum should be proud!. 

We love looking at the updates, Luna looks a lot like Jack – go figure.  We had to finally throw out Luna’ bring home toy today as she tore out the innards.  You could say she loved it to death.  She has a toy box full of other goodies she can choose from and she loves each and every one of them.  It’s fun to watch her dig though the box looking for the toy she has in mind. 

Hope your Holidays return as much love as you give to the pups. 

Dan and Carrie


Newspaper Headline:  Santa Loved-Up by Laymani Boxer, Likely to Recover

29 December 07

Thought you would enjoy seeing some of the pictures as Luna has grown.  I have sent smaller pictures so as not to overload the mailbox.  Let me know if you want any of them larger.  Also, the only picture that doesn’t show the age is “The Whole Thing”.  This is when she was 10 weeks old. 

Currently she weighs 35 pounds and is about 20” at the shoulder.  She thought the tape measure was neat so the height is approximate! 

Also we ordered the Nuvet today, she has been throwing up a little so we thought we would try this vitamin verses what she has been taking as it has some ingredients meant to settle the stomach.  We will let you know how it works out. 

Happy New Year!
Dan & Carrie

Along with Blaze, Luna, Amy and Hallie – the whole fur family.

Look Ma, I got the whole thing!!

8.5 wks - There's gravy on that face!

9 wks - With big brother, Blaze

12 wks - Lap dog

14 wks - Sharing bed with Blaze

17 wks - Last day with take-home toy

18 wks - Early Christmas gift

Christmas Eve 2007 - Queen of Blaze's bed

4 January 08

Guy and Denise,

Thanks for the e-mail and saw the pictures on your website.  They look nice!  Answering your question, Luna currently eats 3x/day and she eats 1 cup Purina puppy chow w/ ˝ cup EVO small bites at each meal.  The times she’s thrown up after a meal, I believe it’s due to eating quickly.  It’s been a week since she last got sick, she’s doing well.  A couple of episodes were at night, hasn’t had any in a while.  Anyways when I’m done with this bag of EVO I’m going to go to the larger bite size since she has adult teeth in place.  Are we feeding her too much at a meal?  I do know that when she’s not interested in the food or has had enough she’ll walk away from her bowl.  Her bowls are on a low platform too.  And, next month when she turns 6 months I will drop down to 2 feeds per day.

She’s doing well.  Sleeping now.  Just got in from a nice long walk,and playing Frisbee in the snow.  Luna loves the snow!  She also had her 1st day at doggie daycare.  She’ll go for 1 day a week to socialize and interact with other dogs, which she needs because Blaze’s health has not been good lately and she loves to PLAY!!  Her evaluation went well and the owner said she listens well.

Well, got to go.  I appreciate any input on the diet.  Have a nice weekend.  How are the puppies? 



4 January 08

Guy and Denise,

Thanks for writing back so quickly and with the info on the diet.  EVO might not be suited for her because I do know when she’s on It ( mixed w/ her puppy chow) her stools are looser.  I’m almost done with this bag. We just started her on the Nu-Vets, so we’ll see how she does.

No, you didn’t tell me about the psychic that called you.  I know you get lots of calls and e-mails regarding your puppies, however I’m sure you never got a call like that one!  That’s too bad about Funan’s family that wanted him but the more I read about the situation I don’t think he would have been happy there.  You made the right choice.  You have to look after your babies!  Anyways, Funan is having a blast with all those boxers around; he’s one lucky puppy!  And, your new pups, do you have reservations for them?  We saw pictures of them, how cute.  The fawns are big!  Are the puppies bigger if it’s a smaller litter?   And Jazzy’s expecting soon!  Hopefully, the whelping won’t scare her this time, she’s a pro now.  You’re going to have puppies all over the place.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend.  Keep in touch.



17 January 08

Guy and Denise, 

Hello, hope all is well.  Last I was on the web site the puppies looked adorable in their new photos and it looks like a few have future homes.  That’s great.  Luna is doing well, weighs 38 lbs now. She was also spayed yesterday.  Just brought her home and she’s resting quietly.  Despite her incision she could still get a little hula action in.  Yesterday was also a hard day, because our Blaze had to be put to sleep.  He lost so much weight,  he had no control of his functions and was refusing food and water.  We think he had a stroke on Tuesday, because he was having difficulty walking and holding his head up.  Luna was very gentle with him Wednesday morning before she had to go to the vet hospital.  So, last night was very quiet and sad in the house.

Well, hopefully Luna’s spay will resolve her vaginitis.  She’ll remain on her antibiotics for at least another 2 weeks and then we’ll get her off of them and see what happens.  Keep in touch, we enjoy the e-mails! 

Take care,



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