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As a baby and now...Armstrong's page will give you an idea of the work involved in achieving those tall-crop Boxer ears.  Steve and Yvette have put a ton of attention and work into their puppy and his ears.


Armstrong is a Flashy Reverse Brindle Male.  He weighed 2 pounds on August 21 and 33 pounds at 4 months.

On September 6, this puppy weighed 4.25 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

20 July 07

Denise & Guy,

We are grateful for the way we met you and after today, we know why we were blessed by your presence.  Thank you so much for your genuine and kind
hospitality.  We made it home ok but we had to call Steven's mom to pick up the boys because we were just a little late.  Everything was ok though.  The
new directions were great and we have saved them because that's the route we will take when we visit again.  We absolutely loved spending time with you
and the dogs.  They too, are blessed to be raised and surrounded with so much love.  We talked all the way home about you and the dogs.  We are so excited!  And yes, the way Sophie looks is exactly what we want.  And if for some reason our angel isn't in any of these three litters, we will wait patiently for the next litter.  Barkley was our first child and sometimes I can't even believe that he isn't with us because we still have so much love to give him.  This next angel will be SPOILED and that I can guarantee.  We are going to send you pictures of our family and our house so you will see the environment and surroundings that Armstrong will be in.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the both of you!

Yvette and Steven


31 August 07

Guy and Denise, 

Thank you so much for what you do in the breeding profession.  You both are the epitome of how an ethical, quality, service and love breeding business is all about.  We couldn’t be more blessed to have been connected to you for our angel, Armstrong.  Thank you for loving all those dogs and preparing them emotionally for the abundance they will get with their new families.  Steven, Ryan and I talked all the way home about our visit.  When we got home, me and the boys went to Petsmart and bought some things for Armstrong’s visit home and wrote a list of things to go back and get before his arrival.  We saw the 8 in 1 carpet cleaner.  We bought the “snap on collar” and his kennel with a cushion with a basket full of colorful toys and an up to date “potty training strategy book.”  We can’t wait to bring him home to love him and show him how much that he was hand picked and I believe it was predestined to be a part of our family.  We promise to love Armstrong unconditionally.  We will send you pictures regularly and will stay in contact with you on your “grandson.”  I just had to tell you how much we appreciate you and what you do.  You are a blessing to us and we truly thank God for placing you both in our lives.  

In Him, 



29 September 07

Hello Denise and Guy, 

Armstrong is doing very well.  After I talked to you Denise letting you know that we made it home safely, our afternoon with him truly began.  He had a light appetite for dinner and that was expected because he was getting familiar with everything.  He fell asleep with Steven until about 11:30 p.m. and then we took him out for his last potty break.  We must him in his plush bedtime kennel in our room. He didn’t like it because he was away from us. He was whining.  So, I got my sleeping bag and slept on the floor with him putting my hands on the outside of the kennel for him to be assured that someone was with him. We also put his blanket from home and a square from home with your scent on it.  He went right too it and he was calm.  He shortly went to sleep.  He awoke at 3:15 letting me know that he needed to go out.  So, we went outside, he relieved himself and because he didn’t like the morning dew, he wanted to come in.  I fed him and because Boxers are innately nosey, he couldn’t stay focused on his food so I had to keep saying “Armstrong eat.”  He ate almost the entire cup.  Then, I made sure he drank some water.  Literally, three minutes later he was looking for a spot to have a boo boo.  So, I quickly picked him up and said “Armstrong outside” and we both rushed out so he could take care of his business. And he did!  He was so happy because I was ecstatic.  We came in, I showed him how to sit while I took off his leash and then I picked him up and held him and he fell back to sleep in my arms.  So, at 3:30, he and I went back to bed.  I laid on the floor next to him with my hand on his body giving him that reassurance that I knew he needed in order for him not to whine.  He slept until 7:00 and we started the process over again.  He likes to urinate and then come back in and tries to boo boo inside but it was Steven’s duty and he too, caught Armstrong in the act and rushed him outside.  So, far as of 8:28, he didn’t have any accidents in the house from yesterday until that time.  But, while I was asleep, after waking up next to Julian he had a pee pee accident. 

He is getting use to everything and loves kissing and playing with his toys.  He is happy and we are so blessed to have him. 

Thank you so very much for our baby! 

Yvette, Steven, Julian, Ryan


30 September 07

Denise and Guy, 

Armstrong is doing great!  He is officially SPOILED!  Last night, he wasn’t trying to go in that kennel so Steven laid on the floor with him.  We feel like we’ve mastered the potty training.  There weren’t any accidents today at all.  Today, was his first time being in the kennel for three and half hours because we went to church.  He did great.  Guess what?  today, he climbed the stairs.  Yesterday, he went to his doctor’s appointment.  He weighs 8.8lbs. and his temperature was normal and our vet thought he looked great!  Attached are some pictures from the weekend. He enjoys his black wire kennel like you have but his bed kennel is not his favorite.  We figured out because he can’t see us when we put down the shade.  So, we will leave it up.  He had his first nylabone treat.  He eats on a schedule and that definitely helps with potty training him.  We bought some all natural treats and he really likes them.  He also sits when we come in because he knows we are going to give him a treat because of using the potty outside.  The kids are so wonderful with him.  He loves chasing them.  Well I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will send in different emails because I don’t want to slow down your system. 


Armstrong’s Mommy and Daddy and brothers


23 November 07

Denise and Guy, 

Happy Thanksgiving! We have been so busy with loving, training, teaching, playing with Armstrong, that getting on the internet as been extremely difficult.  Armstrong is doing GREAT!  He is SPOILED still.  He is extremely active and loves to chase the kids, plays with their stuff animals more than his chew toys and enjoys jumping and using his teeth for everything.  He is probably 75% completely house trained but because he gets soooooo excited, he sometimes has an accident.  He’s 24 lbs. and he is just now going down the stairs.  He thinks that he is still a puppy so when he looks down, he is intimidated.  So, we still pick him up or try to coax him down the stairs.  On November 2nd, Armstrong got his ears cropped and we are in the final stages of his postings.  He healed very well.  He is completely on Eukanuba for puppies and licks the bowl clean.  We haven’t forgotten about the NuVets.  We are definitely going to purchase but he is on a calcium vitamin for his ears and then we will purchase.  We respect how passionate you were about the supplements.  Steve and I still come home at noon to let him out.  He still eats three meals per day.  He loves his kennel and often goes inside just to lay down.  We love holding him like a baby because he is just so cute.  He loves to cuddle but can barely sit still for a long period of time.


Yvette and Steven, the boys and Armstrong

1 December 07


We are so glad you enjoyed the pictures.  Dr. Michael Turley at the Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH  is our vet.  He is wonderful and crops ears for show dogs.  People come from all over to use him.  He is so humble about his gift.  His phone number is 614-237-239-0027 if you want to have for your records or refer to others.  I would love for anyone who does call him that they mention that Armstrong Slate referred them. 

Armstrong went back to the doctor today for his third ear posting.  These will stay in for two weeks and a little bit more firm.  The base of his ears are upright and the stitches have completely healed.  We give him a calcium tablet.  He weighs 27lbs and believe it or not, he just started going down the stairs a week ago.  He’s not too comfortable going down our flight of stairs.  So, if you can imagine little oh me, still trying to pick him up?  It is a funny sight.  He is the BIGGEST baby.  I love holding him like a baby and then he turns over on his back and I rub his belly.  He loves to have us chase him throughout the house.  And when he goes upstairs, he goes right into the boy’s room and goes into their stuff animal duffle bag.  And he runs and pulls them all out and plays with them and shakes them and hides them.  It is a hilarious! 

We’ll have some more pictures again before Christmas. 



“They took my posts out for a week.  Look at my ears Grandma and Grandpa!”

Grandma and Grandpa, 

“This was my first time in the snow.  I’ll be glad when these posts come off. My ears should be ready by now.” 


Grandma and Grandpa, 

“Look how long I can sit when my mommy tells me to.  I love the natural treats they give me.”   


24 December 07

Guy and Denise, 

Here are some more updated pictures of Armstrong.  These pictures were taken after Thanksgiving.  This is one of our favorite times together when we just cuddle on the futon and I hold him like a baby. 

There are more pictures to come.  Armstrong had his 16 week checkup and he is 33lbs.  He had his postings taken out.  We will send those probably tomorrow with his first Christmas pictures. 

Merry Christmas! 


Yvette, Steven, and the boys


22 February 08

Congratulations on your Blessings! 

 We have so much to share about Armstrong.  He’s doing great and it seems like he’s been a part of lour life forever.  I will send the latest pictures and updates soon.  We haven’t forgotten about Nu Vets.  He’s on a vitamin for his ears still.  We thought he’s ears were done in the beginning of February but we want the doctor to tape them again.  The cut is nice but there’s a little flop on the tips.  He barks when he has to go potty.  He knows the sign with two hands of “don’t jump.”  That command took forever because as you know, Boxers love to jump up to show their love.  But, when I have my suit on getting ready to meet a client, I can’t have my baby jumping on me.  He loves to jump on the counter when we are cooking and just be a part of the mix.  It’s like he’s saying, “do you need any help Mom?”  

We’ll talk soon! 

The Slates

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